The technology in the Tesla factory comes from these medium-sized companies

One of the few exceptions is Siebenwurst. Managing Director Christian Walter told MM Maschinenmarkt: “All the products we have supplied to Tesla in Berlin or the USA are technically very complex and at the limits of technical feasibility.” However, even he is not allowed to reveal what exactly was delivered to Tesla.

Everything is subordinated to the “time to market”.

Walter is responsible at Siebenwurst for cooperation with the car manufacturer. According to him, Tesla approaches things “very courageously” – be it in the selection of materials or innovations. He explains, “With all the will to succeed, there is also an acceptance of possible failure.” He also noticed a pragmatic approach to things: “Everything is subordinated to ‘time to market’.” The quality of the components is correspondingly high.

Excerpt from MM Maschinenmarkt Interview